Friday, January 19, 2018

2018 Update:

There is a lot to consider when selecting a taxidermist once your buck of a lifetime hits the ground. Price, Quality, Turnaround Time and Trustworthiness are just a few that comes to mind.

Price- This is often the first question I'm asked. I rarely just blurt out my price before explaining WHY I'm priced where I am, So...I'll come back to this. I am constantly advancing my knowledge of taxidermy so that I can offer a truly spectacular mount for my customers.  Taxidermy is my passion and I refuse to settle for "Good Enough"  I guarantee my work and want to earn your repeat business. 

Quality- Every deer mount that comes out of my shop is TANNED, no Dry Preservation; EVER! I use a high quality synthetic tan in house and require that all tanneries I use do the same. Every mount will also have high quality EYES, EAR LINERS and a transparent NASAL SEPTUM. The muscle detail and hair patterns will be anatomically correct. I strive on attention to details.

Turn Around- Currently my turn around time is about 12-16 months. I offer a rush service for an additional 50%, not for everyone but it's available. I try very hard to accommodate any special requests within reason such as, birthdays or anniversaries. 

Trustworthiness- Lets face it, if you don't trust me- you wouldn't leave your trophy with me. I have built this business on my name and have no intentions of ever allowing it to be tarnished. I am the Vice President for the Missouri Taxidermy Association and a member of the Kansas Association of Taxidermists. 

So, back to price; I have the same price that I have had for the past 2 years. $500 will get you a beautiful representation of your deer and all the intangible benefits Freedom Outdoors and Taxidermy offers.

Please take time to consider all 4 points of this post equally.  If you agree with me, I look forward to mounting your deer this year. If you do not agree with me, Please contact me so that I might better understand your thoughts because I'm here for you.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Kim and I have been praying about this for a very long time and we feel that now is the time to take a leap of faith. I have decided to follow my passion of the outdoors and taxidermy with 100% of my focus and dedication.
After 7 years of being part time -
Starting next month- Freedom Outdoors and Taxidermy will be a full time taxidermy studio specializing in high quality taxidermy with an unsurpassed attention to detail.
Thank you to all of our current customers for your patience and please remember us the next time you need taxidermy done.


Hebrews 11:6
And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.